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Kasin Group

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Kasin Group

Kasin group, is professionally manufacturer specializing in Overhead Conveyor System、 Cement Industry Chains and Sugar Mill Industry Chains more than 20 years

development. It is with a total area of 16500 square meters and a total of 268 employees, including 28 technical and engineering personnel, accounting for more than 10%. The annual output of these production line exceeds 12000 tons, of which more than 85% of the products are exported to countries and regions such as Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Kasin group, is well-known for providing exceptional quality and service and has three production bases: Kasin Industries/Shanghai, Kasin HEngHOng/Jiangsu and Kasin TDbasix/Henan. Each subsidiary of Kasin group, is pround of our rigorous manufacturing methods from customized requirement.

As one of the largest manufacturers in the Chinese market of chain and power transmission components, our experience and adaptability are unparalleled.
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